Selkirk Red River Métis Local

Membership Application Process

1) You must acquire an OFFICIAL GENEALOGY that identifies a Metis Nation Ancestor.
a) An official genealogy can be obtained from one of the following recognized Genealogical Institutions:

St. Boniface Historical Society
340 Provencher Boulevard
Telephone: 233-4888

(If a genealogy is produced by a genealogical institute not mentioned above please contact the Manitoba Metis Federation Registrar at 586-8474).
A genealogy of a family member can be used (with their approval), if you can produce a documented link to the genealogy. For instance if you use your aunts genealogy you must have your parent’s (the parent who is related to your aunt) long form birth certificate or baptism certificate, which show will show the same mother and father as on your aunts genealogy. Then you must have your long form birth certificate or baptism certificate to prove your relationship to your parent.

Note: Applications are available under the titles Membership and Harvester Applications on the left or at the above sites as well as the MMF home-site at and the Head Office and Regional offices

2) A Government issued photo identification or Central Registry Office approved PHOTO ID; with a guarantor’s stamp, is required by the institution completing your genealogy as well as a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE OR BAPTISM CERTIFICATE with your parent’s names.

3) The applicant must sign the Individual Membership Agreement and Declaration Form page 7 in the middle of the page with BLACK inkDo not make the signature overly large.

4) You must then take the completed application and supporting evidential documents to a Local Executive who will sign the Individual Membership Agreement and Declaration Form (names and numbers are available by calling your Regional Office). Please ensure that all the areas of the application are completed and all signatures, including the witness signatures are in place.

5) If this is a child’s application, ensure the Parent/Guardian has signed where indicated on pages 7, 9 and 12.

6) You then make an appointment with your Regional Office for The Regional Committee acceptance and processing of your application. Your picture will be taken and your application uploaded into the database and forwarded to the Central Registry Office for verification and final approval by the Registrar.

7) The Registrar will then forward your information to a secure facility to process your membership card.

Regional Office Phone Numbers:

Winnipeg 589-4327 - Sharon Lambert
Interlake  646-2706 - Janelle Carrier 
Southwest 725-7520 - 
Northwest 638-9485 - Roxy Ledeux
Southeast 754-2721 - Debbie LeClaire
The Pas 623-5701 - Jolene Mayer
Thompson 677-1430 - Paige Trottier
Selkirk 785-9619 - April Hourie

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